Simple. Transparent. Effective.

People who want to partner with a trusted financial advisor choose KCM because of our proprietary “CORE4” process that’s simple to understand, transparent concerning fees, and effective using industry leaders that implement Nobel Laureate research. 
60-day trial offered to new clients!
If a new client isn’t thrilled with KCM, s/he can easily terminate the relationship at no cost and no hassle because our desire is to enjoy teaming with people for a long time.
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Financial Plan

  • Simply created online whenever & from wherever
  • Top rated planning software
  • Always available online for updates & “What if”

Risk Assessment 

  • Based on Nobel Laureate research
  • Determine your unique 1-99 “Risk Number”
  • Create your Investment Policy Statement

Portfolio Alignment 

  • Align with your Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement
  • Investing process guided by Nobel Laureates’ lifetime of research
  • Low cost, globally diversified investments (average fund expense .28%)

Monitor Finances 

  • Easily monitor finances anytime and from anywhere
  • Two-Step security login protection
  • Leading financial management firm with 30+ years of experience

KCM's CORE 4 flat fee schedule

$0 Million – $1 million = .72%

$1 Million – $3 million = .60%

$3 Million – $5 million = .48%

Over $5 Million = $24,000

Investors can’t control markets and can’t know the future.

But investors can control costs, which significantly impact savings over time.

Hypothetical Example:

Lower Costs:

85% of Dimensional Funds outperformed their benchmark over a 15-year period ending December 2018. (Source: )

KCM offers new clients a 60-day trial period to determine if the partnership is a good fit. If not, KCM will close the account with no fee and no hassle.