Investment Management

Due to the complexity of global markets, KCM believes our clients are best served by investment firms fully staffed by smart, highly credentialed professionals (PhDs, CPAs, JDs, CFPs, CFAs, MBAs) who can provide solid investment performance over the long run using an array of portfolio strategies based on the most recent academic research,  rigorous market analysis, and effective, efficient, and disciplined implementation.   Trust is also integral.  Therefore, KCM partners with Morningstar-Ibbotson and SEI, both of whom I’ve worked with for more than a decade, to serve both its individual and institutional clients.

In aggregate, SEI and Morningstar employ more than 4,000 professionals worldwide, serve 1000’s of individual and institutional clients globally, and manage and advise on more than $360 billion.  Both firms are able to invest portfolios of any size, and they offer clients the ability to benefit from portfolios blending ETFs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

KCM’s vision is to see our clients thrive, and our mission it to help them do so.   We closely partner with clients to understand their financial goals, and then partner with SEI and/or Morningstar Investment Services to determine what investment strategy and corresponding portfolio should be constructed to achieve the clients’ goals.

KCM, SEI and Morningstar understand the impact of fees on the growth of clients’ savings.  Therefore, we are transparent about our fees and endeavor to keep them reasonable while managing the other investment expenses including taxes.

Individuals can also choose to personally manage their portfolios by creating a simple, cost and tax-efficient portfolio by using ETFs and/or target date funds from firms such as Vanguard and TD Ameritrade.

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