The common wisdom in the financial services industry is to not have clients become attached to the owner or to one person, but I believe the client-advisor relationship is very personal and requires significant trust. That is why my clients interact with me directly, and it is why you should know me well before teaming with me.

Who am I? I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, in a terrific family often playing golf and tennis and skiing with my dad. I was involved in class leadership at Kentucky Country Day and quarterbacked the football team and captained the basketball team, and then earned a business degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas being heavily involved in fraternity and campus leadership.

While working at a bank in Dallas, I learned my mother’s cancer had returned with a vengeance; so I matriculated at The Ohio State University to earn an MBA and to be with my mom on the weekends until her death. While in graduate school, I married Michele whom I met while at SMU and who had returned to her hometown, Columbus.

Following OSU, I joined the family’s 100-year-old paint manufacturing business and focused on marketing and sales. Four years later, my father and I decided to accept an offer to sell the business enabling my dad to have immediate retirement (but not me).

I then moved our family to Colorado Springs so that I could study in Denver Seminary’s honors program for 18 months researching the essence of humanness—a fascinating topic if you ever want to discuss it.

After seminary, I teamed with Merrill Lynch knowing that wise financial stewardship reduces life’s stress and enables families to enjoy achieving prudent goals. But I was soon recruited to return to Columbus (a town I grew to love while attending Ohio State and which is only 3 hours from Louisville) to manage an important division of a friend’s business.

The company was sold, and I returned to a local financial services firm. I eventually chose to launch Kurfees Capital in 2000 so that I could be free to serve clients in a more holistic and less costly fashion. My Christian values inform the fiduciary responsibility I have with my clients and their savings. Transparency, reasonable fees, and appropriate solutions garner trust. And trust is hard to establish, easy to lose, and paramount for long-term success.

If you’re investigating KCM, I hope to earn your trust. I look forward to meeting you.