The Center for Retirement Research’s papers (click here) make it clear that individuals, who are now responsible for saving for retirement and using their savings during retirement without depletion, are overwhelmed and undereducated. Retirement plan participants are not adequately saving and are often poorly invested.

Additionally, plan sponsors (entities that offer a retirement plan) are challenged by incessantly changing regulations, plan providers and investments. Sponsors of any size plan have a legal fiduciary responsibility to plan participants that can result in significant fines if violated. I can help.

After discussing your needs, we will determine the best course of action as I have awareness of and access to a variety of effective solutions. One critical benefit from partnering with KCM as your retirement plan advisor is the creation of an affordable, customized financial plan for participants. To learn more click here.


If you are associated with a trust, endowment, foundation or significant pool of funds, which require professional investment management, then my relationship with SEI will be valuable. SEI manages and advises on hundreds of billions much of which are institutional funds.

My largest client is a university foundation with over $100 million managed by SEI for more than 10 years.