Non-profits & Retirement Plans

Foundations and Endowments

KCM helps foundations and endowments with liability driven investing:  matching investments with funding commitments.  The goal is to maximize net compounding by minimizing costs and loss exposure while generating returns from various asset classes.  Trust is fostered by complete transparency.

KCM partners with Morningstar-Ibbotson and with SEI to creatively meet the investment and funding needs of foundations and endowments.  In aggregate, these firms employ over 4,000 professionals worldwide, serve 1000’s of individual and institutional clients, and manage and advise on more than $360 billion.

Retirement Plans

KCM, in partnership with Morningstar, provides employers with low cost, highly transparent retirement plans using ETF model portfolios.  Furthermore, KCM augments the value of the employer’s plan with our commitment to participants’ education.  Since individuals are now responsible for funding their retirement, sound financial advice is paramount.

When participants are confused or insecure in their investment ability, they normally are overly conservative missing the benefit of long term compounding, or they pick funds randomly without fully understanding asset allocation.  Morningstar’s five portfolios enhance the potential of participants’ success by transferring the complexity to Morningstar.

Plan sponsors can also add an MIS vetted list of funds as well as offer participants self-directed accounts.  Morningstar is a co-fiduciary of the plan.

*Morningstar Investment Services is a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.  MIS and Morningstar, Inc. are not affiliated with Kurfees Capital Management, LLC.

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