Individual Services

Trust: effective, long-term partnerships require trust. But trust is fragile taking months to earn and seconds to lose. KCM focuses on earning and keeping clients’ trust by being transparent, responsive and skilled especially since our clients entrust us with their savings. If you are seeking to partner with an advisory firm, I encourage you to call one of our clients to learn firsthand about teaming with us.

Investing Your Savings

Savings fund life and are ultimately relied upon for retirement. KCM offers clients an array of solutions for growing as well as protecting their savings including a proprietary solution for funding life for all of life that minimizes or completely avoids the need to buy annuities, which causes the loss of control over your money. (Ask about our Distribution Focused Strategies.)

Since trust is paramount for winning teams, KCM partners with the leading outsourced investment management firm, SEI, who manages and advises on over $400 billion for clients worldwide via its global staff. Daily, SEI oversees clients’ portfolios including rebalancing to the agreed upon investment allocations, analyzing trades of its investment managers, doing due diligence on potential investment managers, augmenting their investment offerings based on the markets and on clients’ needs, ongoing training of staff to continuously refine their skills, constantly improving technology…. Additionally, SEI has award winning investor reports highlighting each client’s unique goals.

SEI has dozens of highly credentialed team members dedicated to each investor’s success. For more than a decade SEI has earned and kept my trust. Please learn why SEI is a leader in providing investment solutions to huge multi-national corporations as well as to an individual with a $25,000 IRA by clicking here to download an informative brochure.

Your investment fees matter significantly since you can only spend the net amount, and it’s the net balance that is compounded. Therefore, understanding your fees is critical for your success. And as mentioned above, trust requires transparency which is bolstered by simplicity.

KCM’s advisory fee is simple: .80% on the first million and .40% thereafter with a annual minimum of $1,200 per year and maximum of $20,000. SEI’s investment management fee varies based on the investments used, but it is also simple. It is a turnkey fee meaning there are no hidden fees such as brokerage, loads, 12(b)(1)….

Financial Planning

General Eisenhower is quoted as saying: “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Investing savings is tied to goals. Understanding clients’ goals is integral for success for everyone on the team. Since goal-clarity is critical, KCM uses the top rated planning software to create a customized foundational plan for each client as part of our fee. This plan becomes a living document that clients have access to online to review and to modify as needed.

Captive Insurance

Recently, a local ice cream manufacturer who produces nationally popular ice cream had to close its doors for months while eradicating listeria at the cost of millions, which almost forced the company to declare bankruptcy due to a lack of insurance.

Unforeseen and uninsured risk can torpedo any company. Forming a private captive insurance company is often a prudent means for a firm to manage its total enterprise risk. I partner with one of the leading firms in the country who has managed captive companies for more than a decade and currently manage over 70 nationally.

Life Stewardship Discussions

Not to be macabre, but death is a reality of life. I lost both parents to cancer far too soon (my mom was 51), and my brother-in-law died at age 50. I’m acquainted with life’s fragility and brevity. And as a Christian, I know life is more meaningful than net worth statements.

My seminary study and work in financial services have uniquely equipped me to discuss life stewardship in a more holistic context. I believe there are 5 core life assets, which need to be consistently managed well. These assets are interconnected and form a priority pyramid in the following order from the base up: Spiritual, Relational, Work (however you use the prime time of your day whether or not you are paid), Financial and Health.

I encourage you to take this Life Fitness assessment (click here) to more clearly see where you are and to begin planning how to make progress in each area. And I am always available to discuss with you any or all of these core areas.