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How is KCM different from the thousands of other financial services firms, and why should you consider partnering with us?

Services for individuals:

(1) Investment Management

Trust, low fees, tax efficiency, understandable reports, online access, broadly invested funds, transparency, responsiveness, and a highly credentialed team of experts matter.  KCM’s clients want and need lifetime investment and funding solutions.  Therefore, KCM partners with two of the top investment management firms in the industry.  SEI and Morningstar manage and advise on over $360 billion with a staff of more than 4,000 worldwide many of whom have advanced degrees and certifications (PhDs, MBAs, CFPs, CPAs, JDs, CFAs).  Both firms invest for thousands of individuals, corporations and non-profits globally.  Furthermore, they offer dozens of investment alternatives that can be crafted to meet the needs of KCM’s clients throughout their life and at very reasonable fees.

Local investment and planning firms often lack the resources, the sophisticated security processes, and the large team of experts that SEI and Morningstar bring to KCM’s clients to help them succeed throughout life.  For example, a local firm might have one investment manager with a CFA whereas SEI and Morningstar combined have dozens.  And how well can a local firm investigate a money manager such as Bernie Madoff?

Investment solutions using SEI and Morningstar’s Exchange Traded Fund portfolios will have a total fee of approximately 1.35% which includes KCM’s advisory fee.  Most local advisory firms’ fees with whom KCM competes for clients typically have total fees well over 2%.  (If you use an advisor and are unsure what your total annual fee is, ask.)

Lower fees can matter significantly!  For example, if an investor earns an annual average of 7.65% for 20 years due to fee savings rather than 7% on a $500,000 portfolio, he will have an additional $249,000 for his use at the end of that 20 year period.  (Example purposes only.)

I encourage you to talk with one of our clients to learn more about who we are.

(2) Foundational Financial Plan

KCM believes that everyone, young and old, wealthy and not, needs a foundational plan by which to craft an initial life plan which can then be easily modified when necessary.  KCM offers our investment management clients the creation of a Foundational Financial Plan for $400 with annual updates for $100.  For non investment management clients, the fee for the plan is $600 and $200 for annual updates.  Additionally, the annual fee gives clients online access to a copy of their plan efficacious for clients to personally modify their plan as needed and to create what-if scenarios.  (KCM safeguards the original plan.)  KCM uses the industry’s top rated planning software,  MoneyGuide Pro, because the planning process is life-goals oriented and the reports are easy to understand.

(3) Life Optimization Discussion

At the heart of KCM’s vision and mission is helping clients and friends live well and meaningfully.  Per Gallup’s recent book, Well Being, people who thrive in life manage daily 5 core areas.  Watching friends endure the pain of divorce, bankruptcy, and poor health caused by failing to manage these areas well caused me to leave a traditional financial planning firm in order to create a more holistic, valuable and useful solution for clients.

Take 5 minutes to complete this assessment and worksheet to help you to begin thinking about the interconnectedness of your life.

Services for foundations, endowments and employers’ retirement plans:

Foundations, endowments and employers have the opportunity to craft high-value, customized solutions working with KCM and its partnership with SEI and Morningstar who, in aggregate, manage and advise on more than $360 billion, employ over 4,000 professionals worldwide, and serve 1000s of institutional and individual clients globally (click here to learn more).  Retirement plans and management of endowment and foundation funds combined with donor management are available.

KCM teams with Morningstar to provide employers low cost, high transparency retirement plans using ETF model portfolios.


Bryce Kurfees is interested in speaking to groups regarding:

“Current Global Economics and Investing”

“Holistic Integrated Planning”

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to contact me.


D. Bryce Kurfees

*Morningstar Investment Services is a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.  MIS and Morningstar, Inc. are not affiliated with Kurfees Capital Management, LLC (KCM).  Additionally, neither SEI nor its subsidiaries are affiliated with KCM.

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